• Q: What is the law regarding tinting of motor vehicles in Malaysia?

    A:According to the JPJ, the regulations require a minimum of 70% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for the front windscreen and a minimum of 50% for the sides and rear windscreen. However, the new regulation that will be implemented from May 1, 2015 states that the rear windscreen and rear passenger windows’ to have 30% VLT.

  • Q: What is VLT?

    A:VLT is Visible Light Transmission. VLT is the amount of visible light that passes directly through filmed glass. The darker the tint, the lower the visible light transmitted.

  • Q: What is TSER?

    A:Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) is the percentage of the total solar energy that is rejected. TSER includes visible light, infrared radiation and ultraviolet energy. The higher the percentage, the higher the percentage of solar energy deflected. Most tinting shops use Infra Red Rejection (IRR) as a guide to the level of heat rejection. However, IRR only covers a fraction of TSER. Internationally, TSER is used as a guide as it is a more accurate way of measuring heat rejection.

  • Q: What is Ultraviolet (UV) Rejection?

    A:Ultraviolet Rejection is the percentage of ultraviolet energy deflected away from the window film. Ultraviolet rays can cause upholstery and furnishings to fade. It can also cause skin damage and skin cancer.

  • Q: Security/Safety Films – Basics

    A:The performance of Security/Safety films rely solely on the thickness of the film. Thicker films will endure a higher breaking point, i.e. absorbing higher impact forces in terms of LB/inch² (pound per square inch), making harder it to penetrate the window. Thickness of Security/Safety films are measured in terms of “Mil” (1 Mil = 25 Microns = 0.025 Millimeter). LLumar leads the market in this segment, providing Security/Safety films ranging from the lower end of 4Mil to the highest of 15Mil.

  • Q: Why should I choose LLumar?

    A:LLumar has a history of over 50 years of R&D and technology. When you choose LLumar, you’re not just choosing a window film, you’re choosing a premium product with superior performance plus the service provided and the factory backed warranty, which lasts for 5-7 years.

  • Q: Do LLumar films comply with JPJ regulations?

    A:In short, yes. All LLumar Automotive films are carefully selected to comply with current JPJ regulations. (Minimum VLT of 50% for sides and rear, and 70% for front windscreen).

  • Q: Is there anything I have to look out for after installation?

    A:After installation, it is advisable to keep your windows closed for a minimum of 48 hours. There might be watermarks present, which will disappear in a couple of days. If you should decide to remove the tint, there will be no permanent stains on the glass. Any leftover adhesive can be easily removed with cleaning agents.

  • Q: How long do you take for installation?


     The time it takes to finish a car tint installation depends on a several factors:

    (a) Car type (saloon / mpv)

    (b) The amount of window surface area the installer has to work with

    (c) Whether old tint has to be removed before hand

    (d) The amount of time needed to deal with complex window shapes
    We strongly suggest you to leave your car with us for at least half a day if you’re looking for an outstanding professional window tint job. We will suggest you to call our authorized dealer and arrange the appointment with them first.
  • Q: Can it protect my skin from the heat of sun?


    LLumar solar control films enhance the comfort of drivers and passengers by:

    (a) Reduce solar heat

    (b) Reduce glare to protect the eye (reduce fatigue)

    (c) Reduce UV to protect the interior to fade off

    (d) Reduce the risk of Skin Cancer

  • Q:Can I go to any different dealer during my warranty period?

    A:We suggest you to go back to the outlet where you done the installation, because the original installer will have a more complete record of your car installation details.

  • Q: Where is your dealer workshop?

    A:You can check out the nearest LLumar official dealer workshop via and filter down by state.

  • Q: Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the product?

    A:Unfortunately, for online purchase we do not offer refund option. But you can always visit our LLumar official dealer workshop if you’re not satisfy with the outcome within warranty period.

  • Q: Where is LLumar from?

    A:Our LLumar window films are proudly made in the U.S.A. with globally sourced materials.

  • Q: Can you send the product to me? Can I do installation myself?

    A:It might be tempting to tint your car windows by using a DIY kit, but the downside is we will not bear any cost if anything goes wrong during your installation process. Best is to install it at our LLumar official dealer workshop to avoid painful lessons.

  • Q: How to differentiate if its LLumar product? How to tell if I am really using LLumar window tint?


    There are two ways to verify whether you’re using authentic LLumar Window Tint Film:

    (a) Check the labelling and series code on the film packaging

    (b) Authentic LLumar window tint film will offer warranty for it’s customer with option to extend warranty up to 7 years. Please see our warranty for more information –