Benefits Of Window Film

Window tints are essential for protection from the sun in our hot tropical climate. And with the rising spate of automobile related crimes, safety and security are important considerations when choosing a tint solution. LLumarĀ® window films provide you with the comfort and security you need whether you are in your car, at home or at work.

Up to 99% Ultraviolet (UV) light reduction helps:

  • Reduced exposure to UV radiation, which has been linked to certain cancers such as skin cancer.
  • Fade protection for furniture, carpet, draperies, wood, etc.
  • Reduced fabric/textile deterioration.

Significantly reduced solar heat gain helps:

  • Increased comfort.
  • Reduced air conditioning costs.
  • Reduced HVAC equipment wear and tear/maintenance.
  • Increased fade resistance.
  • Glare reduction.
  • Daytime privacy.
  • Attractive accent to home and business windows.

Increased shatter resistance to:

  • Increase peace of mind.
  • Increase safety for family & friends.

Safety and security films offer significant benefits from:

  • Vandalism, break-ins, smash & grab, etc.
  • Natural disasters such as violent storms, high winds, etc.

Scratch resistant hard coating protects against:

  • Accidental abrasion and product deterioration from normal cleaning.
  • Hazy appearance typical with plastic type materials.

Lower energy demands from utilities resulting in:

  • Lower overall energy costs.
  • Decreased demand for new power generating facilities.
  • Decreased environmental emissions.