Read This First!

You may notice that your freshly installed window film has a dimpled, textured or “lumpy” appearance when looking at or through it. Sometimes the film will have a milky or clouded look in spots. This is quite common and a normal part of he curing process. As moisture from the application solution slowly evaporates through the film, the lumpiness and/or cloudiness will slowly diminish. Within 60 days, it should cure completely, depending on the type of film product, temperature exposed and humidity.

All solar window films require a reasonable curing time of up to 60 days depending mostly on weather conditions, compass direction, film type and the level of air conditioner used. For solar and safety films, the complete curing period required is 3 to 6 months depending on the thickness of film installed.

Windows should not be cleaned for the first 2 weeks after installation to allow for complete curing process.

Any milky appearance or haziness that occurs with some film products is a reaction of the adhesive to the moisture used to apply the window film. This will become less noticeable as the curing time passes.

All water bubbles will dry out. These occur from the pooling of the application solution due in part to gravitational forces and uneven evaporation of the trapped solution.

For best results, clean your windows with a soft, clean, rubber squeegee or cotton cloth and common household-strength glass cleaners, such as Windex®, GlassPlus®, or silicone cleaner/polishing compounds specifically made for window films. These latter compounds are generally available through your dealer. Follow label instructions for such products. Or...

In a pint or quart spray bottle mix ½ part distilled or mineral free water, ½ part rubbing alcohol, and 3 drops of liquid dish detergent. Shake well.

Mist the window lightly and uniformly with your cleaner. Use a CLEAN, SOFT COTTON CLOTH or SOFT PAPER TOWEL to gently stroke dry the window, turning the cloth/towel often. Pure rubbing alcohol on a cotton cloth will quickly dissolve the heaviest smudges and greasy fingerprints. If smudges remained, re-spray pane and use a soft rubber squeegee to stroke-dry the glass in horizontal passes, from top to bottom. Towel-dry the film borders.

Residual glue or adhesive, from decals that have been applied to the filmed window may be completely removed by very gently stroking the affected area with a soft cotton cloth dabbed with pure ACETONE (nail polish remover).

Neither CPFilms nor the installation dealer can be responsible for damage that resulted from improper cleaning, physical impact, or abuse, nor for glass breakage subsequent to installation from any cause except as expressly provided for by CPFilms or the installing Dealership.

Limited Warranty Policy

This warranty policy is made solely to the original purchaser and may not be transferred. If any product specified fails to conform to the warranty condition during the application period, Purchaser may obtain replacement and installation of the product free of charge at the original authorized LLUMAR Dealer where he/she installed the film or to pay for workmanship cost only if the replacement is done at any other authorised Llumar dealers in Malaysia. The obligation of Tint Auto (M) Sdn Bhd and its authorized dealers under this warranty is limited to replacement of products not conforming to the warranty. Proof of purchase will be required by the authorized dealerships to substantiate any warranty claim.

CPFilms Inc., Tint Auto (M) Sdn Bhd and its authorized dealers warrants the products specified below against cracking, peeling or de-metalizing for the periods specified in the product package when installed in a vehicle by an authorized LLUMAR Installer in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended installation procedures.

CPFilms Inc., Tint Auto (M) Sdn Bhd and its authorized dealers hereby disclaims liability for any incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising from any defect in the product covered by this warranty. Except during the applicable limited warranty period set forth, CPFilms Inc., Tint Auto (M) Sdn Bhd and its authorised dealers hereby excludes and disclaims any and all other express or implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The manufacturer / distributor / and dealers’ sole obligation to the customer, whether claim be based in contract, negligence, tort or otherwise, shall be solely as provided hereunder and damages and remedies shall be as provided hereunder.

Warranty Notes & Inclusions

JPJ warranty is only applicable as long as the original purchasers retain ownership of the vehicle and is only available for product packages that are JPJ compliance. As installation and workmanship is conducted by hand, some minor contamination can be expected. Installation procedures used are aimed at minimizing dust, dirt, and other contaminating fibres which distort the clear visibility of the windows. Our best professional efforts are directed to providing the highest quality installation taking into consideration the environment in which the work is performed. Any contamination will have no effect on the performance of the window film.

Installation and workmanship is considered defective when the following has been exceeded: -

  • Front / Rear Windshield - Total dust / particle / dirt / contaminating fibres must not exceed 3 square inch per glass panel.
  • Side Window - Total dust / particle / dirt / contaminating fibres must not exceed 3 square inch per glass panel.
  • Quarter Panels - No Contamination.

Sometimes the installation of tints will exaggerate the appearance of scratches. You can also expect the addition of window film to highlight pre-existing imperfections in the glass, dimples, or welding slag and splashes burned into the glass.

Dot matrix material bordering some automotive glass may not allow window film to adhere well to the glass surface, causing a white-silvery look to these areas. This is a result of the thickness of the black ceramic material suspending the film over the glass between each dot or line.

UV absorbers will change slightly over time depending on atmospheric conditions.

Please remember: it is quite natural that one would want to examine closely a new purchase of this kind. We ask that when doing so please keep in mind that we have taken care to provide you our best effort in a timely manner and any minor imperfections will soon go unnoticed the minute you begin using the window for what it was designed for: To look through, not at.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please call our toll-free line: -
1300 88 5586 (1300 LLUMAR)